The Future of Reopening: How Restaurant Experts Will Save Costs in a Post-COVID World

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We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Revolutionize your menu and save on costs without sacrificing quality
  • Streamline your back of house workflows
  • Prepare and train your staff for all aspects of reopening
  • Weigh the pros and cons of opening a ghost kitchen
  • ...and more! 

Our Contributing Partners

MarketMan is the leading back-of-house solution that provides restaurateurs complete control over inventory, supply management, and procurement; ultimately empowering restaurateurs to manage more, faster.

Nown is an all-in-one, cloud-based customer recognition POS system that connects with the best services, tools, and hardware, giving businesses the tools they need to help them know their customers and keep them coming back. 

“It’s integral for business owners to reconsider how their business will operate in the long-term, and not simply based on short term trends.”

What You’ll Learn In Each Chapter

1. Find your biggest losers

  • Track menu item profitability 
  • Reveal financial gaps 
  • Understand ‘Actual vs Theoretical’ with calculation example

6. Connect with customers and speed up service

  • Ensure order availability
  • Increase turn-around time at scale
  • Incentivize digital ordering

2. Dishes with the highest variance

  • Build out cookbooks
  • Track and take inventory counts
  • Negotiate with your suppliers
  • Additional ways to minimize waste at your restaurant

7. Train staff properly

  • Establish safety protocols
  • Share loyalty and rewards customer programs
  • Upsell and cross-sell menu items

3. Revolutionize your menu

  • Optimize your menu items
  • Conduct a menu audit 
  • How to identify the most profitable items

8. Utilizing the right tools for success

  • Having real-time access for staff
  • Cutting costs with sales reports
  • Avoid over-ordering with waste reports
  • Spot trends and patterns in advance

4. How to manage your delivery channels

  • Maximize efficiency and scheduling
  • Automate orders during rush hours
  • Cut commission fees

9. Deploy a lean ghost kitchen

  • Determine if a ghost kitchen is right for your business
  • Pros and cons of starting a ghost kitchen
  • Business plans and models to consider
  • Step-by-step process of starting a successful ghost kitchen

5. Make income upfront

  • Getting your loyal customers to support you
  • Utilize refillable digital gift cards 
  • Offer discounts
  • Adopt hands-free payment solution

"People are still going to go to restaurants where they feel special, they feel seen, recognized, loved, and appreciated. While certainly technology amplified our ability to order while sitting in our homes, I think we all are yearning to get out and connect with people.”

- Cary Mosier, Owner of Cafe Gratitude & Gracias Madre